Solar power in Orange County, California Bay Area

As a resident of Orange County, CA you most likely purchase your power from PG&E.

A frequent question that we get asked, “ What solar incentives do PG&E offer in my city?”

When your solar system produces more energy than what is being used in your home the excess is sent to the grid and PG&E must credit each retail power rate (called net metering) which is great news. You use your net metering credits to cancel out the cost of energy drawn from the grid at times your solar system couldn’t service the electric demand of your home.

What if my solar system exports more energy than my home consumes from the grid?

If you have remaining credit at the end of the month each kWh is still valued at the retail rate and is carried to the next month. At the end of the year if any credit remains each kWh will be valued at the avoided-cost rate (3¢-4¢) per kWh and deposited into your account.

 You are probably aware of the Solar energy innovation and Silicon Valley. 

If you were to board a helicopter and fly over Silicon Valley to get an aerial perspective, you would see thousands of sleek black solar panels glaring back at you in the California sun.

Silicon Valley, California’s beloved tech hub in the San Francisco Bay Area, is arguably one of the most influential places in the world in regard to global technology developments.  We love to help our customers with the addition of Solar Panels on their homes. We can answer any question you may have and would be happy to come out to give you a free estimate of our Solar Panel installation.

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